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MSH - Panel Mount

(black pad)

Product Description:


            by Seat Comfort Systems will work with Motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs, and can be installed by do-it-yourself, or dealers. It has the last technology in the market, the PTC heating elements ensures uniform warmth with no potential for overheating.




  • OEM factory standard universal moto seat heater

  • PTC technology deliver major performance, safety & reliability benefits

  • Self-Regulating Temperature

  • Faster-To-Ideal Temperature

  • Water resistant connectors and switch




1 - 12”x9.3” Heating Pad

1 - 17.3” Pad Extension Cable

1 - Panel Round On/Off switch, and all required hardware

$  72.40 - Qty. 1

$133.30 - Qty. 2

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